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PINIMAGEI can’t believe I have a 7 year old!!!!  He had changed my life and rocked my world!!!  This little boy is so wise… he teaches me something every day!  He seriously knows everything… and if he doesn’t, he googles it!  Seriously, he can transform a long sleeve shirt into a ninja mask in seconds!!!!  Every day I die over his smartness and creativity!  He is a football fanatic along with every other sport!  He has won the wresting championship two years in a row!  He loves music… Michael Jackson and Tim McGraw are  his favs and he’s got some serious moves on the dance floor:)!!!  Every girl in his school has a crush on him… he’ll kill me for saying that but it’s true!  He loves his Uncle Weston more than anyone on the earth!  He loves to read and has read more books in his short 7 years than I have in my lifetime!  Every night I go to tuck him in and have to find his head lamp and book somewhere between the sheets.  He is a fish and would live underwater if he could.  You should see him on the slopes!!!  The first time we took him skiing I peed my pants watching him go in between the trees and down the hills I was even scared to go down!  He can down a Cafe Rio pork salad but has been known to turn down candy… weird, I know!  No matter what it is, he gives it his all!  He is a great big brother and such an incredible son!!!  He is such a strength to me and I feel so blessed to call him mine!  Happy Birthday to my Boy!!!  I Love your guts!!!

Sorry!  I try not to brag about my kids too much on here but on their Birthday I can’t help myself!!!

…. and some of his own posing….


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  • Jessie - He is such a little stud. I can see why all the little girls have crushes on him. :) I loved reading about all the things he loves, and as always, the pictures are perfect!

  • Mindy Young - Love these pictures! He reminds me of my 6 year old! Same hair and It looks like the same personality. You guys breed beautiful babies!

  • tiffany boardman - Britty, Oh my goodness… that was the cutest post. He is sooo cute. What a cute family. You sound like such a fun mom too.

Have you ever seen a cuter little baby boy????  I just want to smooch those puckered lips:)!!!  Enjoy Nat!  After staring at this sweet face for days on my computer screen, I’m pretty much going to die if I don’t get to actually hold him soon!

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  • Heather Stokes - These pictures are fabulous! Good job!

  • Lynn - OK–I have to know, because I’ve seen a few baby photos in the hammock. Did you hang the baby up from the branch (albeit super low to the ground), or did you swaddle baby, lay down the branch etc and stand on a stool, taking the photo from above. Either way, looks great! I’m just curious…

    Great shots! Waaaay great! I want another baby now.

    Erm. Mebbe not. HA!

Baby Paityn’s mommy has been so patient waiting for these so I thought I’d put some of my favs on the blog.  This is my sister’s bff and I just love her!  Can’t believe she is married and a MOM!!!  So crazy!  Paityn is perfect… so beautiful and such a good baby.  Hope you are feeling better Ash:)!!PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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  • Kim B. - Your so good Brittany. I love looking at your work! I especially love that cute little head band with the twisted flowers… so cute!

  • Kim Bullock - What adorable pictures…and I love the little babies name (that’s my daughter as well). You’ve got great work.

Utah baby and children photographer.

How stinkin cute are these two and their names are equally as cute!!  I would so use Griffin for a boy if our last name wasn’t Griffiths… wouldn’t that be awesome?!?  Griffin Griffiths!

PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEWe tried forever to get Ruthy to give her baby brother a kiss… um ya, she wasn’t too excited about it!  Every time I see this picture it makes me crack up!

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  • Abong - so freakin cute! love that kissing picture too!

  • Erin - How cute are they? Those are adorable. Good job once again.

  • melissa treen - beautiful closeups…love this last image…beautiful work!

Utah Newborn Photography

Sweet little Kai… I could have kept him forever and ever!  More pics of his gorgeous brother and sisters coming next!PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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  • Amanda - So cute! May i ask where you got the teal rug from? I have been looking for one for my little girls bedroom forever!!!

  • Stephanie Gardner - Beautiful pictures. Can’t get over his hair.

  • Tara - That wood background in the last picture is so cute! Where did you find that?