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We are on a boy roll again.  They just keep coming and they are as sweet as ever!!!  This little guy was so cooperative and look at that angelic face. All growing up I wanted to do something that had to do PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEwith newborns and thought I would be a nurse or something…. this is definatly what I am supposed to be doing.  I LOVE my job!

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  • Ashley - Hey Brittany! I think you do such a wonderful job with your photography. How lucky you are to be doing something you enjoy so much. The fact that you are so talented is even a greater blessing! One day I hope I can be more like you! Thanks!

LOVED this shoot!  Mom and Dad wanted some “bare” shots with baby and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them…  they are so sweet and innocent.  It helped that all three were BEAUTIFUL and love the camera.  I’m a lucky girl!  I’ll post his announcement soon (after Mom gets a chance to send hers out).  I had a lot of fun with it!PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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  • Tiffany - OMG!! Blow me away! These are perfection! what a gorgeous family and so simply beautiful. Great work!!

  • katie - love these, I love the background. Great job!

Once again… I’m way behind!  I’m planning on some major catch up this week though so keep coming:)  Thanks for all your comments.  They made me smile and at this stressful time of year I can use all the smiles I can get.  Love you all!  Here is Melanie’s family… aren’t they cute!

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  • Valerie Duffin - Brittany,
    I just love looking at your pictures! You are amazing, I keep checking back every day and can’t wait to see Madison’s pictures!

These kids ROCKED!!!  I could have taken pictures of these four ALL day!  Too bad it was FREEZING cold or I would have.  Seriously though… they were pros and it payed off because I LOVE their pics.  The clothes, the place, the expressions…  It took me FOREVER to edit their session because every pic I came to was amazing!  No closed eyes, no goofy faces.  Thanks guys!  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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  • sarah weibling - I think your work is amazing! I check this site all the time hoping that you have posted more pictures! I am just starting out in photography and your site is really inspiring! Great work.

  • Mickelle - What a beautiful family. I especially love the 2nd photo of all the serious kids and the smile from the blonde – that is too cute! Brittany you do an amazing job. I have been admiring your work over the last year, I too am a photog junkie, not at your level, but I cannot believe how much growth you have done! I can only hope to learn from it! Will call it osmosis … maybe this spring I could tag along and assist you on some shoots. You rock!!!

  • Jessica - Wow, those outfits do rock! I can definitly see how you would have a hard time choosing which pictures to post. As always, great work!

  • mindy young - Brittany those kids are adorable. Don’t you just die when you first see kids like these when you go to your session? Love the outfits! They are all beautiful! Nice work! As always…he..he

  • Andrea Carter. - LOVE these!! So stylish! I really want to do some of these urban style pics with my kids. Maybe in the spring. Great Job!

  • Brooke - Hey Brittany!! I have been stalking your blog for about 6 months. I swear you are amazing! Do you require that all your clients be models or what? What beautiful family’s!! I am just trying to get started in the photography buisness and it is very overwelming and scary. I hope that one day my photography will be as amazing as yours. I am seriously in awe!!! I love love love the burned edges around some of these photographs. Would you ever tell me how to do it? Ohh I only have photshop elements too. Someday I hope to have the big kahuna (cs3) but by the time I have that I’m sure it will be CS 15 or something!!!(He He) Anyhow keep up the amazing work!!

  • Taryn - Britty, love the pics. We really need to have you take some pictures of our family…

  • Lisa Broderick - Its me, Lisa (acroos the street). I LOVE to look at your blog. I really do check it out all the time. Your photography just keeps getting more and more impressive.

  • Shallyse - These are fantastic! I came across your blog from Kristen’s blog, and I love your work. I miss all those great urban locations in Utah.

  • angie Monson - Brittany, this session is beautiful. I love #3, perfect. I saw your family photos on Brianna’s blog, holy amazing!

Whoa!  I am WAY behind on this blog.  Sorry… I have been editing like a MAD woman so there will be lots of posts soon!  Thanks to all those that come visit.  Everyone always tells me they come to my blog all the time… well I want to see who!  Leave a comment and you may just get a surprise:)

This family was so cooperative and sweet!  I LOVE family pictures this time of year!  I’m so sad our good weather streak is coming to an end:(  Bring on the scarfs and hats people!  PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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  • Alicia Hinrichs - We miss you Brittany! I’m so glad I got Jonathan’s pics taken with you when he was a newborn. Everyone always raves about them. We live out in Virginia now and you’ve inspired me to start getting into photography myself. (Just as a hobby for now.) Take care!

  • Marcie - Hey Brittany! I totally blog lurk on your site :) I love your photos! I would love to be a photographer someday and your photos are gorgeous! Thanks for blogging :)

  • Nici Baer - I love to look at your pics, and can’t wait to see mine!