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Seriously the most gorgeous family ever!  It was so much fun photographing them!  They are so sweet with each other… so natural in front of the camera.  Pretty sure they should have at least ten kids… and I’m not going to lie, while shooting the couple pics, I wasn’t sure if I should turn around or keep shooting their saucey hotness!  I get kinda sweaty just thinking about it hahaha! Love every single one of them… especially that middle boy!  He has a special little place in my heart… I could keep him forever!  Linds… thanks for choosing me to capture this fun time in your life!  Love you and your amazing family!

On another note… as you can see I rarely update this blog so make sure you hop over to my facebook page to see the new goodies:)PINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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  • Laura Bunker - I absolutely love these images! What a treasure. Every one of these images should be blown up huge. Awesome location and beautiful family.


I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this special day. Congrats Lizzy and Russ! You have the cutest little family:)

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  • lizzy - Britty thank you so much! These are priceless! Words can not express how grateful I am that you were able to be there and capture these precious moments for us! Thank you so so so much!!! I bawled through the entire post! I love every single one of them!

  • Jen - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I love this family!
    And what an amazing job you did Britty! So proud to have you in my family!

  • Brandi - Oh my gosh I love this! It is so cute! You don’t do this for strangers do you?? Because I seriously would love something like this when my little girl comes in December!

  • Valerie - I followed a link from Pinterest to your site. These were the most amazing birth pictures I have ever seen. You do AMAZING work. You thought of shots that no one else would have and told the whole story of this new little family.

    And by the way, the doctor should absolutely use those pictures in his advertising. The one where he’s walking away really stirred my emotions for some reason. It was like he just gave these people the best day of their lives, and then his job is finished. :)

    I’m glad I saw these pictures today. They made me smile.

  • Kim - WOW those are amazing. I so wish you could come do my next birth!!

  • Sarah - yah i saw this on pintrest and i am about to tear up…what a wonderful story! congrats!

  • Megan - I followed this from Pinterest. But I admin the group on Facebook, Mommy’s R Us. I am adding a link to this, to show the mommies of the group the AMAZING and beautiful photo ideas you had. I teared up while looking at these. Such a lovely and wonderful to capture the arrival of a little one.

  • Ashley C. - The one of your husband killed me!! PRICELESS

  • Stepheny - I found this on pinterest and I started crying. These pictures are so beautiful! I can’t wait until my little girl is here in December, I hope to have pictures like these!

  • Kristin - This is absolutely beautiful! I love every single shot. It tells this beautiful family’s story PERFECTLY. What an amazing job; you’ve definitely convinced me I’ll need birth pictures done

  • Stefanie - These pictures are absolutely beautiful– I sobbed looking at them, remembering the births of my two boys. (Found your link on Pinterest.)

    Congrats Lizzy & Russ– whatever it cost to have these pictures taken, it was worth every penny. What an amazing collection of memories from the most incredible day of your lives!

  • Crystal - I also followed this link from Pinterest…OMG Love, Love, Love!!! Amazing!!! Brought tears to my eyes. Reminded me of when my 3 boys were born.

  • s - beautiful

  • Haley - I also saw this on Pinterest as well!! SOOOOOO beautiful! When I have kids, I could only hope that I found someone as talented as you to take pictures like these! They are so wonderful!! And congrats to the adorable family!

  • Paige - Wow followed this link from Pinterest. You have a gift. Congratulations to all of you.

  • Denver - Wow! What an awesome set of images. Great job. Congrats to the new family!

  • Julia - Beautiful. I want to do something like this when I have children. <3

  • Emily - WOW! I am not sure I have ever seen a more stunning woman in labor! Just beautiful. Congrats.

  • kelly - I too followed a link from Pinterest, this is an amazing journel of your baby’s birth, Britty has a great eye and did a beautiful job. I wish I had been so lucky. Great ideas to use for my grandkids though. Bless you and your family.

  • Emma Kate - I’m only 17 and I found this on Pinterest and whenever I doubt whether I want to have children when I grow up I think about this set of pictures. It shares an absolutely beautiful story and I know that even when I think I can’t handle it, children will be the greatest blessing in my life. I am looking forward to the day I get married and have children every day now. Thanks for inspiring me.

  • Donna - Wow! What a great job you did! This little story of this little family made me tear up.

  • Stephanie - What an amazing way to capture such a special day. Every picture captures emotions and special moments. I am definitely inspired to have this done when that day comes for me. Thank you and happy mommy-hood! :)

  • k8 - These pictures are beyond words. I followed this from pinterest, and needle to tell you how truly talented you are. I hope when I am blessed with a child, I can have pictures like this.

  • bec - Beautiful beautiful photos but what I love the most is how so much happiness, love and joy was captured every step of the way <3

  • jodie - OMG!!! I love this, what an amazing beautiful way to capture the most precious day of your life, when its all over only certain memories remain and what an absolutely amazing way to remember the rest.Great photos, i just followed a pinterest link so i dont know these people but it brought tears to my eyes. Love it!!!!

  • Amy - These are so precious. I’m about to deliver and my friend is taking photos for me. I was wondering what lens you used to capture these precious memories.
    thank you so much!

  • Vanessa - These are so amazing! I cried through the whole post! Such amazing work – how did the logistics work? Labor Can take hours – how many were you tere for?

  • Patty - Stunning!

  • Summer - Wow! Such beautiful pictures. That’s a really neat idea I wished I had thought of that when I had my kids

  • ...love Maegan - gorgeous.

  • Jules - So moving! I think every mother saw a little of herself in these photos. Truly beautiful.

  • Ginger - Such amazing pictures…wish I had some like that from my baby girls birthday. Thanks for sharing

  • Jessica - Pinterest lead me here. This is an amazing story, a happy story! I don’t know these people or you but I cried happy tears as I went through the photos. Excellent job! My best wishes to the family and their new baby. Bless you for sharing a happy story in a world where there are so many bad ones.

  • Jessica - Wow! incredible photos! I got tears just looking at them, you really captured the emotion and happiness of the moment. incredible work!

  • Micaela - These are so beautiful.. you did a wonderful job! great idea & congratulations to them!

  • Jess - Absolutely amazing photos!!! So very, very touching. Takes me right back to when my children were born. Wish i had pictures like this to cherish forever. Beautiful work!!! ;)

  • Jamie Powers Hester - This is one of the most amazing stories I have ever seen! CongratS!!!

  • Quinn - She looked absolutely gorgeous in all of these, even while pushing!
    Beautiful family :)

  • Courtney - These pictures are amazing! and what a gorgeous family…everyone :)

  • Jocelyn - Beautiful pictures! Brought tears to my eyes. Made me think I might be almost ready for number 3 (I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old, so I just want you to understand how moved I was by your pictures. I haven’t slept in days-but you remind me how amazing it is to have a new baby) thank you for sharing.

  • Diane Buchanan` - As a grandmother of a 20month old grandson,and as a RN/Charge Nurse on labor in delivery for over 30 yrs. I have been apart of hundreds of deliveries. I always try to make it special for my pts. But, after Maddox as born…..WOW! My daugter is an RN working in newborn nursery, me L&D. Well, I wasn’t prepared for the most important day of our lives. We delivered with friends and families that had been apart of Amy’s life since I come to work at GRMC (she was 2 my youngest 10 wks). The pictures that were taken is something that I now share with my grandbaby! Your pictures give me inspiration, I try to help take pictures for my pts when I can. you have given me some great ideas!

  • Stacie - OMG i started tearing up i so want to do this with my daughter!!! beautiful pictures and family really captures those moments!!! <3

  • Brittany G - First, I must say I love your name…my name is Brittany G too! And, I found this post via Pinterest and I’m such a cry baby because I teared up after the first couple of shots. Incredible story you captured here and what a great idea.

  • Sarah - Followed a link from Pinterest to here. I don’t even know this family, but I am in tears. What a precious way to remember a beautiful moment for their family!

  • LeAnna C. - That is the most beautiful story in pictures. Great idea.

  • April - I saw this on pinterest and cried as I looked through these. They are beautiful!!!! I am expecting my first child in about 7 weeks…and just hope that we can capture some special moments even 1/2 as well as you captured this little family. LOVE your work.

  • Shera - Simply Beautiful.

    I love photography as well. Someone once told me that a photograph is good when it can tell a story.

    The story you told was amazing.

  • Yvonne - I LOVE THIS!!!!! im a photographer myself but its hard to document u birthin the child. So im gonna have my mom do somethin lik this, so she can help me & also document. ive found little articles with photo ideas but this tops them all. LOVE YOUR WORK!!!

  • Michelle Q - These pictures were amazing. I was tearing up the whole time. She looked beautiful through the whole process, and made the whole thing look effortless! :) Thank you for sharing.

  • Kelly - Followed a link on Pinterest to your site and LOVED this birth story. I didn’t photograph my son’s bith, but these pics totally took me back and brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful shots that this family will cherish for a lifetime. Just lovely. Agree that the final shot of the doctor walking down the hall was genious.

  • Lilian - Found this in Pinterest, I think this amazing! There is only once chance to capture these precious moments! Lovely!

  • Emily - Such amazing pictures!

  • Cyndi - absolutely amazing photos, wish I would have done this as well. Congrats to this beautiful family.

  • Meg - Beautiful photos. Too bad the first breastfeeding photos aren’t included. Those are the most beautiful and amazing!

  • maureen - This is just beautiful!!!! I am so glad I came across it!

  • Sue - These pics are absolutely beautiful. I would love my girls to do something like this as well. You are very talented and told a wonderful story of this beautiful family, what a wonderful start on a great journey. Thanks for sharing. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE♥

  • Linda Funk - You and your husband just witnessed the biggest miracle ever and you didn’t miss a beat of documentation. How memorable. I was even getting sweaty palms at one point. Congrats!

  • Aundrea - What a great way to capture those precious moments! As I was going through the photos I was remembering those moments in the births of my girls. Congratulations!!

  • Kathy Penrod - I LOVE this! I am seriously wiping tears from my eyes and I don’t even know anyone involved in this day. I would love to know more about the lighting you used. I have heard horror stories of trying to shoot in the hospital and I am really nervous to try it. Its not like you can get a “do-over”. Do you mind sharing what tricks you did to ensure your lighting was so great? Even as the day wears on, you still maintain such a quality to the image. I am so impressed and wishing I could have my babies all over again just to have some one there doing this. L.O.V.E.

  • Michelle Pincheck - Found this link on Pinterest and thought I would check it out! Boy am I glad I did! It made me cry!!! I hope I remember this when I have a baby!

  • Amber - What an amazing story. Saw on Pinterest- I can only hope to be able to capture my child’s birth (any day now…) so beautifully. Great photographic quality. Everything looks so natural and soft. Congrats to the new parents :)

  • Jami Jones - I like many others on here found this threw pinterest and I have to say it took my breath away. I am a photographer myself and now I really want to capture this moments for someone. You have inspired me to be better at what I do and try other things. Thank you!!

  • Ashley - I also found this on pintrest, and I am from Utah also! Love this so much so cute! Wish I had thought of this with my twins 3 years ago!! Congrats Lizzy & Russ & Little man!

  • Erica - WOW!!! what a pinterest find!!!! what beautiful moments you captured! what a talented and loving eye you have for outstanding pictures! just amazing! thank you for sharing them! and congrats to Lizzy & Russ, what a beautiful family you have :)

  • brittany b. - GORGEOUS pictures!!!! I will be taking pictures for my sister when she has her baby next week and am so inspired by your pictures! If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of lense do you use for these pictures?

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  • xab - wow! really incredible job, congratulations!!

  • S - This is so perfect! What an amazing documentation of your special day. Definitely something to treasure.

  • Smone - This was the most wonderful picture story, it warmed my heart. Congrats on your baby!!!

  • erin - Stunning images. Amazing how you feel that you know these people just by viewing this series of pictures. You are a very talented photographer. You nailed it. Inspiring, tasteful, breathtaking.

  • Kelsey - Mom & baby are absolutely gorgeous! These pictures are stunning. You did a beautiful job of story telling!!

  • Elizabeth - These made me cry! They are so good. :-)

  • Jaclyn - Followed a link on pinterest. What a tasteful way to remember such precious moments! Great work! wish you lived in our area! would love something like this! we’re expecting #3!

  • Cami - Hi Brittany G. (If you can, would you please pass this comment to Russell and his family?) You don’t know me, but Russell might remember me. I was friends with his sister when we were kids. I was just browsing Pinterest when I came across this pin about what pictures you should take at the hospital when you have a baby. I did’t recognize Russell right away, but then I saw some pictures of his dad. Then one of his mom, him, and his baby boy. I couldn’t help it but start to cry. I just wanted to pass on my thoughts to you two and his family right now. I wasn’t able to make it to her funeral but I want you all to know that I was there helping honor her in my heart. I have the best memories of her. What an amazing woman. I am so sorry for your loss at her passing. Although I didn’t have many interactions with her since I was younger, she, and the Shawcroft family, are people I will always remember and love. I pray that our Heavenly Father blesses and comforts you all so much right now. Best of wishes, Cami (Hurst) Boudwin

  • Natalie - These are priceless and I will be doing this for sure! Absolutely beautiful and amazing. Wonderful photography and it captures the love of this family so much… even a stranger would cry celebrating this birth.

  • meshkaat - Oh my God! These are the best photos of new baby event I’ve ever seen…just wonderful…I can hardly wait for my own one:D…Great job!

  • Beverly - These are great pictures – Thank you for sharing. You will really enjoy looking back on all of them. I have one daughter and I wish I had pictures like you took. Btw.. Mom looked after baby was born. Congratualtions to all three of you and hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  • Kim Tate - congratulations from Nova Scotia, Canada on a beautiful baby boy. Enjoy! You have some wonderful moments ahead of you. Kim

  • Samanntha - these made me cry, I’m pregnant and emotional and this will be our last and this just moved me. Beautiful family.

  • Casey - Gosh I just love these photos! They are amazing! I have looked at them several times and just cried at the beauty of them. I am due in February and I am highly considering having this done. Precious! And what a beautiful mommy – I hope I look that good when I’m in labor :)

  • monica - A-MA-ZING! I found and followed through Pinterest and I just had to say that this was beautiful…the photographer did and OUTSTANDING job. Kudos to her and congratulations and good luck to this beautifully blessed family.

  • Jennifer McMillen - Absolutely LOVED your photos!

  • Amy - I also followed from Pinterest. These are amazing! You are an amazing photographer! :)

  • erin killion photography - WOW…these are absolutely amazing and beautiful. You are so very talented. Every one of these pictures is truly priceless. Very well done. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Sonya - oh my goshhh! this is beautiful <3 its nice to be able to get on the internet and see some of Gods amazing gifts in such a sad world! this has made my day!<3

  • Sarah - Oh my word…. Beautiful.

  • Dana - That’s a cool idea, congrats.

  • Dana - These images are simply priceless….beautiful and amazing. What an extraordinary way to capture an extraordinary occassion! Gorgeous family!!

  • R - Did you shoot in auto and post edit so that you wouldnt miss a moment? these are beautiful!!!

  • KidSafeCandle - I’m pregnant now and the first pictures made me think – ughh i really don’t want to go through delivery again! But then the last ones got me really excited to do it – so worth it!! Thanks!

  • Chloe's Mom - ohmygosh, these pictures are beyond beautiful!

  • Allysen - You did an ABSOLUTELY stunning job capturing these precious moments!!!

  • Heather - Those pictures are absolutly beautful! Thank you for sharing such a precious personal moment. It brought a few teards to my eyes.

  • Lauri - WOW! Artfully and Beautifully captured! yes, absolutely stunning!

  • Kelly - I followed a link on Pinterest and it brought me to these wonderful pictures. It brought tears to my eyes & brought back all the memories of giving birth to my own children. This couple were so lucky to have you photograph their most special and intimate moments. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  • Dawn - Beautiful pictures.
    Beautiful family.
    Beautiful idea!!!!

  • Jenny - Sitting at my office desk, crying – thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful, intimate experience

  • T Zywotkiewicz - What an amazing way to really capture the moment and emotions. Wonderfully done.

  • LC - super special and beautiful you are all glowing and look enlightened , the way we should all look when we encounter new life :) blessings on you & your family ~

  • Veronica - this is so amazing. I felt every single emotion in those moments and wow this beautiful!!!!

  • Joanna - I’m crying my eyes out over here– what a beautiful, magical day!! Pinterest brought me here, so glad too :) You make an adorable family, congrats!

  • Annie - Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing this!

  • tina - You did a fantastic job capturing the details of this event. I don’t even know her & I find myself scrolling through to recall the details of my own!

  • amanda lance - I am in tears that was so good

  • jess - these pictures are absolutely beautiful ! Brought tears to my eyes.. what a great idea. you did such a good job on capturing the moment :)

  • Patrice - These wer beautiful! And where’d she get a baby with it’s eyes closed? I didn’t know they made them like that anymore.lol I hope my baby is born with his eyes closed. That’s the way they’re supposed to be!

  • Roxana Mirabal - What a great job of documenting everything in a beautiful way. When this child grows up, he’ll be able to look at these and get a very real sense of what his parents and family were like when he was born. He’ll be able to see all the joy and anticipation for his arrival into this world. Just beautiful!

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  • Mariam Kobras - This is a beautiful idea, and a beautiful blog post. Thank you for this wonderful idea! My son and his wife are hoping for a baby in the next two years, and I’ll make sure they do this, too. Thank you! xo

  • Sharon Dodge - You truly are the prettiest Mommy I have EVER seen and such a sweet little family. Loved the photography!!! Congratulations.

  • Kim - I love your pictures. Our little boy is turning 7 next month. But after seeing your pictures I would love to have another baby!

  • Monica - Such beautiful photos. Currently crying at my desk! So touching.

  • Katie Sallee - I too saw this on Pinterest and WOW!!! What an amazing job! That was without a doubt the BEST photography piece I have EVER SEEN! Great job!

  • Malia - This was absolutely beautiful, it honestly moved me to tears. I wish I hired you for the birth of my son. But honestly I did not look as good as this mother did. She looked like she just stepped out of a photoshoot rather than just had a baby. Bravo Brittany that was an amazing story and I was glad to have witnessed this.

    Btw I came from Pinterest, nifty little website don’t you think?

  • carissa - Amazing! These pictures told baby Wil’s birthday perfectly, so perfect they made me tear up. Such a beautiful family=]

  • Felicia - I loved these pcitures, they brought tears to my eyes!

  • Christy - What beautiful photos; so glad I stumbled across them!!! Congratulations.

  • RaNae BeVier - these photographs are beautiful can you please thank the family for sharing this experience

  • Laura - Beautiful photos! What a lovely way to hold on to the memories. This little boy will always have a great way to know he was loved from the very beginning! The love shines through in every photo. Congratulations to the family and to the photographer. What talent!

  • nicole - That was the most beautiful journey! What an amazing post!

  • karina zepeda - omg how adorable! and she loooked awesome the whole time! congrats!

  • ana roat - This grandma will be at the ready when #2 arrives in September. I took simular pictures when my daughter had her first and now have some great ideas for the next.

    Such a lovely post. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jessica - I’m a photographer. A friend of mine has asked me to caprture the birth of their newest son tomorrow! So excited. Thank you for the ideas. Although she will be having a c-section i don’t know how much they will let capture. Just so lucky to be a part of it!

  • Amber - God truly has blessed your family. Thank you for sharing your special moment with the world.

  • Simone Fuchs - Oh my god! You’re such a beautiful woman! Even during giving birth. I wish you all the best.

  • Beth - Amazing. Simple amazing photography!

  • Chelsee Bingham - Hi My name is Chelsee Bingham and I am a photographer in Mesa Az. I love your birth story shoot and had a couple questions for you. I have been asked to shoot a Birth story June 10th and I was wondering if you had any lighting tips or tricks you could pass on. I am really nervous because this will be my first one. Would you recommend a soft flash? Hope to hear back.

    Thank you!
    Chelsee Bingham

  • Philippa - I’m engaged to be married, I can’t have children and I thought I was OK with that until I saw this. My heart stopped. I imagined my fiancé looking at me like this husband looks at his wife and baby. Your art captures life, even though that might be disturbing to me, it made me feel and I thank you for that. You are brilliant.

  • Andrea - Oh my gosh! I am speechless! You have captured the birth of this child’s and given this family will never ever forget! Awesome way to tell a story with your photography work. Love it!

  • Samantha Emerick - Found this via Pinterest, and all I can say is WOW. If pictures say a thousand words, yours are absolutely priceless. I don’t know any of you personally, yet I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes because I got to share this miracle through something like the internet.

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

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  • Cami - I don’t know who you are but these are the most phenomenal pictures for this life moment that I have EVER seen…wow!

  • Robin - These are amazing! Made me cry like a baby remembering my owns two deliveries! Hope to share this one day with a daughter-in-law!

  • Erin - Great job!!! These are incredible! Sadly, I’m the shutterbug in my family and I’ll be pushing rather than clicking in a few months. You do AMAZING work and any family would be blessed to have you chronicle their life moments.

  • Wanda Works - This pictorial epitomizes why I just must land a job as a Labor and Delivery nurse. I want to be present for the greatest blessings of life.
    Your photos of beautiful.

  • Erlinda - What a beautiful story. Beautifully told.

  • sandy stadheim - Wow you’ve gotta love technology . Very creative made me get goose bumps. Congratulations and thanx 4 some great ideas.

  • Laura - I find this on Pinterest, and these pictures are just stunning…. I am a bit jealous, I never looked that good through both of my labours ! Glad you got to capture every moment … These pictures make me want to have a third child … Congrats !!

  • Paula - These are beautiful photos. And the mom looks beautiful in all of them! The photos of the family meeting the newborn for the first time are so lovely. What a great idea to have a professional photographer document such an important event. And the photos are very tasteful and modest as well.

    Well done!

  • Renee G - I don’t even know these people and these photos made me cry. Beautiful moments captured!! :)

  • Chantel Weidig - nice post!! :)

  • Katie Penn - These may be the absolute best L&D pictures I’ve ever seen.. Absolutely in love with this sweet, sweet story captured in such beautiful photos. I don’t even know these people , but I can feel their joy, it brought tears to my eyes. I’m even thinking, I NEED this photographer for our birth experience!! :) Beautiful.

  • Vero - This pictures are amazing, congratulations you are very talent! hope one day I can take pictures like you :)

  • katty - I followed a link from Pinterest to this – I’m so happy I did. You do amazing work. If you’re ever in MN, please let me know :)

  • Pamela in Victoria, BC - I too followed a link from Pinterest to find this photo set. BrittanyG, you are a gifted photographer – these are all simply gorgeous. I have two kids, now adults, but my circumstances when they were each born didn’t allow for any photos.

    My first child’s birth was premature and his dad was a patient in the hospital, so there was no chance of photos. With my second birth, my daughter, I was alone as a single mom. I didn’t have anyone with me to take any pictures, so to see these really was heart-wrenching.

    I hope this new family has a wonderful life with their new little boy. Blessings to them, and continued success to you with your photography. You’ve done an outstanding job.


  • Heather - Thank you both for sharing such a beautiful miracle. Your son is so lucky you both love him so much to do this for him.

  • Britt - I pinned this from Pinterest, and what a surprise! Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your lives with us! The pictures are so amazing and I can’t wait to have a little family of my own some day. Congrats on your sweet, sweet baby boy!

  • www.devi.info.pl - Just wanna remark on few general things, The website style and design is perfect, the subject matter is very fantastic : D.

  • Monika - Beautiful, simply touching.

    Thank you for inspiring the Universe with love and life <3

  • Jennifer - I found this on Pinterest. These pictures are amazing! I’m wiping away the tears. Great job.

  • cat - I just…wow…
    Amazing stuff.

  • Kayla D. - Oh, I’m not even pregnant – in fact, I’m done having children. However, these poignant moments captured in these photographs brought tears to my eyes & melted my heart. What an absolutely breathtaking way of expressing the joys of a beautiful birth story. I’m in love with this family of strangers, through your wonderful photography.

  • Lisa - Amazing! Perfectly done!

  • C - AMAZING photos!!! I could only dream of having our delivery documented this way! What an incredible job you have done! You captured some amazing moments and were very diligent in the angles you shot them at as well. WELL DONE :)

  • Robin - Love this, so touching!!

  • azhure - wow! very very nice, what a precious glimpse of every moments

  • Kelly Luckman - I’ve been a photographer for a long time but just started with the family lifestyle photography and I have to say your images are superb! I would never have considered doing the full birth from beginning to end but you have captured the moment so perfectly, every emotion the family shared, it’s such an art form and I had to tell you well done! Cheers, Kel.

  • Xanthe - Stunning! Stunning! Stunning….brought me to tears!

  • Lorah - Amazing! Where are you located, because I NEED you to take my labor & delivery photos… These are breathtaking.

  • Anic - These are amazing images of love. Thank you!

  • Monica - I know this is a very old post, but I’ve read a lot of birth stories, and this one is by far the best… even/especially with no words. It is just perfectly and beautifully done.

  • Tracy - Amazing captures..very touching and made me cry… I wish I could do this 7 months later.

  • Elin - These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! You have captured every feeling so beautifully! I love it. I wish I find a photographer in Sweden who can take pictures like this. Wow! :)

    All the best and greetings from Sweden!

  • Amanda - This is so BEAUTIFUL! Birth stories are the type of photography I so desperately want to specialize in (not easy). I will have to pin this for future reference.

  • Athena'Camille - What kind of camera did u guys use? I’m so excited for my baby to be here in April! This story is so beautiful!

My beautiful sister and her soon to be husband:)! SO excited for these two!PINIMAGE


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  • Nichole - These are beautiful!

  • Rachel - Wow your sister and bro-in-law could totally be models :) Beautiful pics!!

  • april - These are GORGEOUS!!!!

No words can describe how adorable this little princess, her birthday and her mama are….  So see for yourself:)!!   Try not to wet your pants when you are DYING over the cuteness!

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  • Stephanie - DYING…. So gorgeous! Where did she find the birthday crown?

I have received so many emails lately asking if I’m still shooting because I haven’t updated my blog in 942 years….  Well yes, I am still taking pictures… many many pictures!  I try to post to facebook here and there… takes much less time and that way people can share with their family and friends.  So follow me over there if you aren’t already:).  Life is as crazy as ever around here!  Kids are keeping me busy along with our new puppy we got for Christmas!  I had an extremely busy Fall/Christmas season… here are some of my favorite family pics from the last couple of months.  I feel so blessed to have such great clients and friends.  PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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  • Erin - Good grief these are all FANTASTIC!!!! It’s great to see you “back”. You’re too good to neglect your blog. It makes it hard for stalkers like me to function. ha! But seriously, these are incredible my friend.

  • Frances Morency photography - Your families are all so gorgeous. Great images!