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I’ve been working on a new website now for like a year and I finally have it finished!  It’s a known fact that I pretty much suck at blogging so you will see tons of my work over the last year on my new site!  It might take a few days before it is actually up but I will let you know as soon as it is.

I had an opening come up for this Sat. afternoon.  This is one of my last openings for the year so if you are still wanting those Christmas Cards this would be the perfect chance!  

Can’t post without a pic so here is a HOT family for some eye candy!  img_7692blogPINIMAGE

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  • Brittany :) - I love you photos!!!! You are extremely talented. What kind of lens do you use???

  • admin - This was with my 85.

  • admin - or maybe 24-70 can’t remember..

  • Brittany :) - so inspired. especially your newborn shots. precious. just starting off in photography myself here in South Dakota. Just bought a Nikon d90 and just have the kit lens. can’t decide what my next purchase for lens might be.

  • Shelby - You have amazing work! I am truly inspired to be as good as you.. one day ;)

  • Kiley - I pinned this about 2 years ago, and almost every day I get a notification that someone has pinned my pin! 1058 repins. It’s an amazing picture. Great colrs and fantastic pose. :) well done!

I can’t believe this little angel is four months old today!  Seriously… time goes by way too fast!  She had her check up today and only weighs 12 lbs.  My boys were always so solid and chubby so I’m so not used to this little petite thing.  She is in the 25th percentile for weight, 90th for height and 10th for head.  She is the happiest baby in the world… always smiling but of corse I can’t catch it on camera!   I love these images anyway.  I could just smooch on her all day… well, I guess I do!   img_1919-copblogPINIMAGEimg_1894-copy-3blogPINIMAGE

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  • Erin - Really? Could she be any cuter? It’s sad the second thing I thought after I thought how cute she is is that I don’t even really know this little girl. I wish life wasn’t always so busy for one or the other of us and we could hang out. Well you guys make darling little kids. You should have a million.

  • Aria - She is beautiful! She looks just like her brothers, I can tell. Your photos are always so amazing! Keep posting!

  • mindy young - She is beautiful! I miss my little princess being small like this! Eat up every moment before she becomes sassy! Ha..Ha..

  • Greecian Woman - B- she is gorgeous! I love the 2nd picture. She looks like a movie star baby! I want to hold her! And suck on her cheeks too. They look luscious!

  • Abong Bain - awh so precious! she looks just like your hubby in the 2nd one! love it!

  • Tiffany Burke - Oh she’s a doll!! She looks just like you!

Love you guys!img_1469ablogPINIMAGEimg_1472bwblogPINIMAGEimg_1514ablogPINIMAGEimg_1488ablogPINIMAGEimg_1520bwblogPINIMAGEimg_1524ablogPINIMAGE

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  • Marilee - Awesome pics Brittany! Gosh this makes me miss these guys! Erin- you guys have such a dang cute family! Love these!

  • Erin - Oh my gosh I LOVE them!!! I can’t decide which one I like the best. Thank you so much. You are amazing!

My buddy!  I am the queen of one pic posts lately, but at least I’m posting right?  I don’t know what I do all day but somehow there is never enough time!!!   Had to throw this one up of my little stud since I had just done posts of the other two.  Didn’t want him to feel left out… as if he even knows.  


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  • Lindsey Rowland - BEAUTIFUL little boy!! You are one lucky momma. You have some very beautiful kids!

  • Travis Richardson - Your kids are just adorable. Awesome colors too.

  • Nikki Welling - Oh my heck! They just keep getting cuter and more handsome all the time! You are truly amazing. And your new little one is absolutely gorgeous… just as I knew she would be.

  • Marilee - What a stud!! Cute picture!! I was thinking about you on Sat.. hope you had a Happy BDay :)

I am so in love with this little girly!  She is growing up WAY too fast!!!  img_1297-copyblogPINIMAGE

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  • Erin - Oh my gosh she is soooo dang cute! You are so lucky you can take cute pictures of your kids any time that you want. She is beautiful!

  • Paige Davis - Brittany – She is absolutely beautiful!! I love looking at your pictures, you are so talented. And you give hope to those of us with boys that someday we’ll have a girl, too! She’s adorable – I love this picture!!

  • Ganny - I LOVE this picture. She is the most beautiful baby girl. I am so lucky to be her Ganny. And I am not prejudice either!

  • Angie Nydegger - So I think you and Dan need to have 60 kids, you two make some beautiful kids!!

  • Lauren Perry - Britty! She is breathtaking! She looks just like her gorgeous big brothers!

  • Lindsey Leigh - Britty!! I love her. I wish I could see her in real life. She looks PERFECT! She is so gorgeous. O and I never did ger her announcement. :( it probably went to my parents house though and I can see it when I get back. I can’t wait. I wish you could come to Greece and photograph my fam. PLEEEEAAASSSE!

  • Nikki Welling - What can I say… it doesn’t get any better than this! Please tell me you have room somewhere for my family again. Monson is now 8 mos. and almost walking and has not had 1 pic with you yet! In fact his only pics are from me taking them… poor little guy.
    Sorry this is for everyone to see, but I had to get a hold of you quick just to let you know, you are still amazing. How neat to be so talented at something you love!
    Love Always,
    Nikki Welling

  • Leah - She is just precious, Britty! What a doll. I know what you mean about cherishing every moment. Julia is kissed on all day cause she is growing so fast and she’s my last.