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This mom is dying to see these so I had to give her a sneak peek while she waits to get her CD in the mail.  Emery was a doll and look at all that hair!

Thanks for the response on the chandelier!  I have been checking out all the places you told me about.  I found a really cute one today at the Emporium at Thanksgiving Point.  Kind of expensive but not Dear Lizzie prices!  I could seriously spend every dime I make on my little princess!  Oh wait!  I do! Between her room and her wardrobe and all those dang bows and hats and crap… I just can’t stop!  The sad part is she has no idea!  I could put her in a potato sack and she would be like the happiest camper ever!  Keep the ideas coming though… I am so loving this!img_3606-copy-copyblogPINIMAGEimg_3583-copyblogPINIMAGEimg_3494-copyablogPINIMAGEimg_3440-copyablogPINIMAGEimg_3488-copyablogPINIMAGE

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  • Brittany Stover - These are beautiful! I love the hands shot with the baby’s head…so beautiful! Great work.

  • Karen - Britt – these are adorable! Almost makes me want another baby…ALMOST. You are amazing!

  • Mindy Young - Check it out! I thought of you when I was shopping here. There are some that are great priced right now!

  • cindy - Brittany, I am lovin’ your work…..fabulous stuff….and your family is PRECIOUS….hope we can get together when Erin and I come to Utah

  • katie moss - No why couldn’t my baby have that much hair. What a little cutie!
    Love all of these.

What a little sweetie he was!  I could have shot him forever!

Thanks for everyone’s patience with getting your pics.  I HATE being behind!  Baby with THREE ear infections in a row and a ticked off overloaded computer are now under control.  I am almost caught up… yeah!

Ok… I need your help!  I am on the prowl for a freaking amazing chandelier for Addie’s nursery!  I have seen some incredible ones at DEAR LIZZIE (never ever go there… you will spend way too much money and have way too many calories!)  Okay, go there… you will die.  But ya, I can’t spend $1,400 on a light for my baby’s room.  So where o where should I get one?  I have been everywhere around here so I’m thinking online.  Her room is shabby chic and beyond girly!  Anyone??? PLEASE???


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  • Jessica Oberg - I know of a couple cute crystal ones at Ikea ($40!) and a cute one at Lowes ($90). I almost bought one of them for Nora’s room. http://oberg-family.blogspot.com/2009/09/details.html

    Good luck! Hope you find one you like.

  • Taryn - Way cute pics! I saw this chandelier at Pottery Barn Kids the other day and absolutely loved it. http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/hailey-antique-flower-chandelier/?pkey=bchandeliers

  • Nicole - You dont know me but I came across your blog one day and love your work! I am a photographer as well, and admire your creative style with newborns.

    ANYWAY, Hobby Lobby has a DARLING pink chandelier and it think its $50 or around there. They are always having sales there and a lot of time things are 50% off! So definitely check it out there!

  • Katie Lynn - He is just precious and your photos are positively gorgeous … As always! I would suggest an online scouring of eBay or etsy for a chandelier for your little one. Even someplace as generic as Target sometimes carries super-cool pieces like that! Good luck with your search, and I hope we’ll get to see pictures of what you do find!

  • Cristi - Hey Britty, I just wanted to tell you I think you do an amazing job! I got a chandelier for Presley’s room from Ikea and it’s super cute and it wasn’t very much so look there. Also Pottery Barn Kids had some cute ones.

  • Tara - I’m in LOVE with one from Pottery Barn… http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/mia-chandelier/?pkey=bchandeliers and I too am in love with your pics!

  • Mindy Young - Try Finders Keepers in American Fork. If she doesn’t have one I bet she could find you a GORGEOUS one. I could live in that store I tell ya.

and this is why!  We are sheetrocking (is that a word?) tomorrow so it is much further along than this photo but I can’t find any of the latest pics.  Some day I will organize photos… probably a day when the kids are sleeping, my house is clean and the laundry is caught up .  So I guess never!  I’ll keep dreaming…photo-4PINIMAGE

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  • Lindsey - You are in trouble for outing me about my vanity on my blog! I can’t believe you are already sheetrocking! It has gone up so fast. I want to see more of it. Your mountains are amazing!!Serioiusly I love your views! I’m coming home soon!!

Give your babies an extra tight squeeze and please pray for this sweet baby boy.  Click on the link below to learn Bronson’s story (scroll down to Feb. 1st.)  jr2x2848jpgPINIMAGEhttp://stakerzxposed.blogspot.com/

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  • Lindsey - I just sobbed! So sad! It definitely made me want to spend more precious time with my babies. We’ll be praying for them!

There is just something about a baby toes… love love them!  These two were so sweet!  I’ll post more tomorrow.

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  • Lindsey - O WOW! You are on a Blogging SPURT! YAE! I hope its not just a spurt and I can return here every day for pure photo bliss! I can’t even believe the shots you got of these twins! AMAZING! O the one where they are snuggling is just too precious. I’m dying over Addy.the hat is amazing, the pearls, everything just yummy! What are you going to do.. your going to need a lot of walls in your new house to frame all of these… Seriously she is too too cute, I still can’t get over her ruffly bum at kneaders…ahh wish we could do that again tomorrow…