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Here is our crappy attempt at a snap shot of me and my kiddies… Don’t you love the air conditioner unit in the background??!  My boys were ripping their church clothes off so we ran to closest shady spot.  I am always on the other side of the camera so every Mother’s Day I try to get a pic with me and my kids.  I don’t want to look back when they are grownup and not be in any pics… there needs to be at least some proof that I am the “MOM” of the group right??  I love my kids more than anything!  I feel so blessed to be their Mom.   I hope all you Moms out there had a wonderful day!100509_0504aPINIMAGE
Here is my Mom with all the kids.  She is the best Mom ever!  Love her so much!  As you can see the boys are only half way undressed at this point… ties are off and shorts are on… we tried!100509_0516ablogPINIMAGE
And here is me with my brother and sister.  I think my boys get their picture taking skills from their uncle.  “I’ll smile for three but after that, you get my tough, I am so done with this face”.  Either way he is too handsome… love his guts!  Oh and yes, the sister is single but get in line because it’s long:).  She is just as beautiful inside as out!100509_0526ablogPINIMAGE

Sorry if I’m boring you with my personal life and snap shots… I really need to start a personal blog:)!

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  • Abong Bain - oh your family is so beautiful, including your mom and sis! too bad your hubby didn’t get to be in any! glad to see you’re doing well! we just started trying for another baby so i’ll be calling ya in a few months for baby pics! yay!

  • Lindsey Rowland - Beautiful family!! Keep posting about your beautiful family we love to read it!!!

  • Mckenzie - look how cute your family is… now we know where you got your good looks from. I also love that you are updating the blog. Can’t wait to see some pictures of Genevieve on here!

  • Kalli - holy cow are you kidding me, I last saw your brother and sister when we were in high school and they were just little kids, it is so crazy to see them grown up, they’re both beautiful just like their sister. That is too crazy though. Hey would love to get together with you sometime. Let’s see if we can make that happen. Looks like you’re doing great!

You know what sucks about living in the wilderness…. MICE!!!!  Sick, Gross, Disgusting Mice!  I hate them more than anything… I have nightmares even about them!  For some reason I would rather have spiders crawling all over me than one mice near me!  Okay, neither would be ideal but for real… YUCK!!!  I pulled in from Bajio (Happy Cinco Be Mayo) with the kiddos… I had met my Dad there and Dan is out of town.  They were all totally asleep so I pulled in, closed the garage and ran inside to turn lights on.  So two minutes later I go out there, flip on the light and there goes this little grey sicko scatter across my floor!  I screamed and said a not nice word… I think!  How was I supposed to go get all the kids out one by one???  I put my big girl pants on and went for it jumping and stomping the whole way!  I did it and we all survived but now I can’t get that image out of my head… what am I going to do?  SICK!!!  Don’t know why I felt the need to tell this ridiculous tale but it’s all I can think about so that’s what you get…

So this little chub was a champ… awake for most of the session but let me do whatever I wanted with him… LOVE that!  He zonked at the end and we played more… when they are deep asleep I could just keep shooting forever!  These aren’t in my new studio… those are coming soon…


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That I got these…100501_0065ablogPINIMAGE100501_0028bwblogPINIMAGE100501_0013ablogPINIMAGE
100501_0032-copybwblogPINIMAGE2 days before this…

100503_0251aPINIMAGE100505_0250aPINIMAGEPoor little dude!!  I am more thankful for his helmet being on his head or this could be A LOT worse!!  This guy from day one has had NO fear!  Started walking at 7 1/2 months… tried walking down the stairs all by himself a few months later.  Broke his arm.  When he was 18 months he climbed up on my bed started jumping before I could snatch him and jumped right to the edge of the footboard trying to get away from me.  Slammed his chin on the edge and bit his tongue off… yep, off!  Well it was hanging by a thread but he had to get in sewn back together… did you know that was possible?  I didn’t!  That’s just the start…

These pics are a blessing… the other night I got in my car to run to the store to get food for dinner… yeah, I’m really prepared!  I got to the end of the driveway and stopped!  There was no way I could not take advantage of the light.  It was so pretty outside!  So… I grabbed my trusty almost 6 year old (sniff) with an empty stomach and a shirt I grabbed over the weekend and took off!  We had fun!!  He is getting so old and big!  I can’t believe how fast life goes… I wish I could freeze time!

On another note… we are officially moved in!!!  HALALUIA!!!!  I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be settled!  We still have a lot of organizing and putting away to do but whatever… we are here… yeah!!!  What else… um Addie has two teeth, Max can now say his R’s, we LOVE our home and our neighborhood and the NEW STUDIO!!!

I have two more spots open for May, Four for June… so call me if you need to get in soon or email.

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  • Erin - Oh his poor little face. That looks very painful! His pictures are awesome. You have the cutest kids. These boys are getting way too old, it makes me sad. I love them. Good job as always!

  • Katie Lynn - Your son is just beautiful! (Is it okay to call a little boy beautiful? I hope so — Hehe.) These types of stories always make the best “Remember when …” tales. It’s great that you take it all in stride and have such a good attitude about it. :)

  • TravisJ - Boys will be boys. Growing up I was alway bleeding or bruised. Congrats on moving and the new studio. That is so exciting.

  • Marilee - Poor Jackson!! Looks painful.. hope he’s doing ok!! At least you got one with a smile!! :)

How gorgeous is this baby!!!  All of her tiny little features are just perfect!  Her mamma was equally beautiful and beyond sweet.  Oh how I love my job!

For some reason these are smaller than normal but I’m not going to take the time to resize them… oh well:)!  On to my next session…


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  • Amy - Brittany– i love your photography!!! I wish I had a studio!!! It was so nice to meet you last weekend!

  • Mindy Young - So sweet! Love the one with her mommy. So beautiful.

Here is your little peek!  I am almost done.  These computer problems are not helping my already crazy life style!!!  They seem to be finally fixed though after much frustration and tears and a couple apple geniuses and many many hours in the car to and from gateway.

For real though… these girls are all so gorgeous!  I hope their Dad is ready to fight off all the boys that will be knocking down their door!  Many more posts to come… I know, I always say that!  I really do try my best with this blog thing.  Just as I get on a roll though… catastrophe hits!  Knocking on wood now…



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  • Nichole - These are beautiful. I love #2. So sweet.

  • Samantha - Wow! Beautiful Photos!! Love them!