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She cracks me up… okay, back to editing!PINIMAGE

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  • jessica - Those eyes…….so pretty!!!

  • Linds - She is too GORGEOUS! Love this!

  • Mckenzie - Hi Brittany,
    any news on our Cd its been about a month. Just anxious to see your brilliant work.

Here is your peek Mckenzie!  Thanks for your patience!  There are tons more but there has to be some surprise:)!  These are some of my favs!  100509_0379-copycropblogPINIMAGE

100509_0355-copyblogPINIMAGEShe just decided to give her Daddy a smooch… isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!?!?!
100509_0345ablogPINIMAGEThey are both so gorgeous!
100509_0292-copy-2blog1PINIMAGECute Genevieve was born soon after Addie so she didn’t get to come see me for her newborn shoot:(  Mom really wanted some of those simple, timeless shots with mom and dad that I do a lot with the newborns.  This shows you that these shots can be great at any age!  It helps that they are all so beautiful and they are just as cute and sweet in person!  Loved these guys… could have hung out with them all day!

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  • Mckenzie - Oh you made Joe and my night! I was so happy to see them. You did a beautiful job… i kind of look like an alien but you didn’t do that ha ha ha. Also, thanks for the sweet comments I was so worried I had completely stressed you out I felt bad. I promise next family shoot I will be more relaxed! Thanks for a great day, great company and beautiful pictures. We will see you for her one year photos. Can’t can’t can’t wait to see more.

  • Olim - These are absolutely poicerus. Love the one where she is smiling but asleep and also the one where she is propped up on her hands and sleeping! You two are just incredible photographers!

I have been taking Ruthy’s pictures since she was a newborn so it was so much fun to meet her little brother and see how cute she was with him!  I didn’t get to shoot Griffin’s pictures as soon as I would have liked to after he was born because we were moving, but he did so well and we got some great awake shots which can be hard to get with a newbie!  That was like the longest run on sentence ever!  I don’t pay attention to spelling or grammar on this blog… sorry!  I should take the time but that is just something I don’t ever seem to have:)!img_4767ablogPINIMAGEimg_4725-copyblogPINIMAGEimg_4740-copyablogPINIMAGEimg_4636ablogPINIMAGEimg_4664-copyblogPINIMAGE

Mckenzie… your next I promise!

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  • Mckenzie - ha ha you read my mind. I checked first thing this morning. Your a doll!

Chicken, Kinny, Add, Cake… and those are just some of her nick names.  I never call my kids by their actual names.  My husband is even worse than I am.  The poor kids don’t even know what their names are… Funny Story:  We always call Max “Maximus”… we probably should have named him that.  SO one of Dan’s weird nick names for him is Gluteus Maximus.  So Jackson and Max were arguing as usual and Jackson says, “My name is better than yours because my middle name is after Dad.”  Max says, “My name is better than yours because my name is gluteus!!”  Poor kid, thinks his name is after a behind muscle!

Anyway, went out the other night to grab some shots of Addie… it was freezing so I didn’t get too many but I think these two are keepers.  She has patty cake down pat and that is one thing that will make her sit still!  This weekend is supposed to be warm… yeah!!  I’m going to have to bribe Dan with a camping trip to come help me… do you think a tent in the backyard works?


Okay… here is one of Gluteus!

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  • Tiers of Joy - The name stories are too funny! You’ll love retelling these tales to all the kiddos someday — This post certainly had me laughing.

  • Mckenzie - I check your blog every day… hoping I get a glimpse of our photo shoot. Can’t wait till the pictures are done!

  • Tricia Turner - I thought Max’s name was “dammit Max!” I know that James is not gonna know his name either, and he’s gonna wonder about all of the names of the drivers on the road!

This little guy was so sweet!  I loved his dimples and his cute puckered lips!  What can I say… Jackson’s are just born cute:)!  Okay, that was lame!  I’m tired and it’s only 10:36.  What is wrong with me??  I’m usually such a night owl staying up til the wee hours of the morning but lately I’ve been getting tired so early.  This just cannot happen!  When will I get anything done?!  Maybe this stressful day has something to do with it!  Dan hydroplaned (or however you spell that) this morning and totally wrecked our car.  So thankful he is okay and nobody got hurt but still, paying for car crap when I want to buy new house stuff totally bites!  I know… count my blessings!  Went to a funeral today, took all three kids, fought with Jackson about missing school (it was the fox trot today and he was not about to miss it!), searched high and low for one of those cheep round wooden tables that you can screw the legs on (they are totally old school) and came up with nothing, hung Addie’s window coverings (okay Dan did, but I helped), edited a session (not this one, I’m behind… surprise, surprise), and then there was the usual meals, messes, etc.  The best part was tucking my wet headed babies in (yes, I let them play in the rain all night), and cuddling up to my sweet baby girl.  Now I’m going to go top my day off with some hot fudge and ice cream.  It’s half the fat ice cream so that means it’s healthy…. at least that’s what I tell myself as I eat a great big bowl right before bed.  Whatever…  Hope you enjoy this yummy little baby as much as I did.

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  • Katie Lynn - Those busy, stressful days and weeks happen to all of us. So sorry you had to experience it yesterday, but here’s hoping the rest of your week starts looking up soon! Delicious photos, as always — I especially love the second and last pictures.

  • Vanessa - Hey you..thank you so much for you kind words :) How are you? I love all that you are doing…so beautiful! The pics of your little boy…AMAZING!!! I am scared that will be my son too…boys…always doing something hahah. Thanks again…~V

  • Sarah - Thanks for these fabulous pictures. We LOVE them and loved working with you.