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I’m Alive

I have literally dropped off the face of the planet the last month.  Lets just say it’s been a rough couple of weeks at the Griffiths’ home.  I’ll explain later when my potty training two year old is not running around the house naked:)!  For now I just wanted to say sorry for not being on top of things with returning emails and phone calls.  I’m going to work really hard to get back to everyone today.  If you have not heard from me by the end of the day please give me a call.  My email is once again acting up so until I can get that figured out phone calls work the best.

Okay, so many of you know that the incredibly talented Brianna Graham was in town a few months ago… well my family was lucky enough to get our pictures taken by her.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited… it was up there with the birth of my two sons.  I think I bought every article of clothing I could get my hands on so that we would have just the right thing to wear.  I should have worried more about my kids behaving though because they were both nightmears.  I wanted to strangle both of them but Brianna assured me she got some winners and not to worry.  She is seriously a miracle worker and such an inspiration…. I have learned so much from her and between her and her husband I have not laughed harder in my life.  Patrick… you could make some serious dough with that chicken dance.  They are the most down to earth, awesome people and if you ever get a chance to attend one of their workshops you must!

I am more than thrilled with how these pictures turned out and lets just say my canvas bill is killing me!  I’m so excited to finally show everyone these images.  I have been waiting until after Christmas so that my cards were not spoiled and maybe a few Christmas presents to our parents:).   Here is just one… you can view more on Brianna’s blog.


Also… it’s an understatement to say I’m behind on posting.  I’m not even sure where to start.  Thanks for being patient… I’ll get there:)  Oh and a late Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you all!002formyblogPINIMAGE

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  • Jessica - You are seriously so gorgeous! Those pictures are amazing.

  • Jaimie Haley - I love love love that family picture of you guys. You are the most gorgeous family ever!!! It’s exciting to see a new post. You know I always follow your blog and have missed ya!

  • Laura Terry - Oh my gorgeous!! Oh my gorgeous!! I have been dying to see some Brittany G Photography!! I was starting to worry about you. Your family photo is amazing…and looks like you shot it yourself!! Totally your style. Miss you! You need to take my ash bear pictures!! But, you know me…I like outside…so lets get a full photo shoot scheduled for spring/Summer for the whole family. Hugs! Laura T

  • mindy young - Those are BEAUTIFUL! You look like a super model! Beautiful fam. I am glad your back to the blogging world.

  • Danielle Paynter - WOW! I’m speechless! This is such an amazing picture! All of you look stunning and Brianna once again took another killer picture! I we can meet up again. . .maybe at another BG workshop! I would just do anything to go to another one!

  • Marilee - Hello supermodel!! Holy cow, I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics! Seriously, your whole family could go into modeling!! Love the pics, love the outfits, and love you! Glad you’re back to posting!

  • Erin Golan - I am completely at a loss for words, yet still compelled to comment on how BEAUTIFUL this is! And I know how beautiful you are on the inside too. So glad you posted this! Hope to see you when I’m back to SLC in April. Take care girlie!

  • amy - your outfit is to DIE for! you have a gorgeous family and the pictures are amazing.

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